Dumarc Photography - Photographer Marcus Waller

Marcus Waller, Photographer & Owner of Dumarc | Photography, specializes in the art of Portraiture Photography, or as some would call it "People Photography". He has a personal, professional and artistic goal to provide quality images and capture "Your" life's special moments through the lens of his camera.


Dumarc Photography strive's to provide top quality photographs at a fair and reasonable price for corporate, editorial, models, and family clients for use in annual reports, brochures, publications and for personal use. All clients will receive the highest level of attention devotion and commitment. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and represent our client’s best interests within the limits of our professional responsibility. We will protect our client’s proprietary information and respect the privacy and property rights of our subjects.


As a photographer, the images I capture and further alter through editing belong to me and are considered my art. All images that I publish (or post) on this site; or Facebook are copyrighted by me. I choose to retain exclusive copyrights over all images, client or otherwise,unless expressly released and noted.

The photos I select to post online have been optimized for faster loading and are not suitable to be printed or reprinted in any way. Please do not scan, copy or alter photographs that are available to you via the client gallery. I encourage you to share photos I post on facebook. Feel free to tag yourself and or use the photos as your profile picture. You are only permitted to do so provided you do not crop or alter the photo in any way, also my watermark logo must remain intact.

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